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Land Acknowledgement 土著承认:

In the summer of 2021, we had been meeting virtually for many months to organize the first Long Time No See Photo Project.  To take this photo, for some, it was the first time to “gihn mehn,” to meet face-to-face.


The Long Time No See Collective acknowledges the original caretakers of the land where Chinatown is today. We are on the ancestral and traditional territories of the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishinaabe, the Haudenosaunee, and the Huron-Wendat.

好久不见,感谢今天唐人街所在土地的最初看护者。我们位于 Mississaugas of the Credit (密西沙加祈德河)、Anishinaabe (阿尼西纳贝)、Haudenosaunee 和 Huron-Wendat (休伦-温达特) 的祖先和传统领土上。

Our work seeks to bring together different generations and backgrounds of Chinese Canadian artists and educators. We honour our ancestors by sharing and teaching the stories of how Chinatown came to be, the histories that have been erased, and, our responsibilities to act in solidarity with Indigenous peoples. Walking along Spadina Avenue today, we are grateful to the Indigenous nations who, for thousands of years, have come to “gihn mehn,” exchange stories, goods and knowledge.

这项工作汇集了不同年代和背景的加拿大华裔艺术家和教育家。我们通过分享和教授有关唐人街如何形成的故事、已被抹去的故事以及我们与原住民团结一致的责任来纪念我们的祖先。今天沿着 Spadina (士巴丹拿) 大道走,我们感谢数千年来来到 “见面” 的原住民民族来交流故事、货物,和知识。

The LONG TIME NO SEE Collective is a non-profit ad hoc group of friends, who are artists and educators comprising of:
LONG TIME NO SEE | 由一个非盈利的临时朋友小组制作,他们是艺术家和教育家,包括:


Emily Chan
is a mother and educator with many happy childhood memories of Tkaronto/Toronto's Chinatown.
Emily Chan 是一位母亲和教育家,对多伦多唐人街有着许多快乐的童年回忆。

Richard Fung is a Trinidad-born artist, writer and Professor Emeritus at OCAD University.
Richard Fung 是特立尼达出生的艺术家、作家和 OCAD 大学名誉教授。

Kwoi Gin is a Hoisandoy hoo became Jean Lumb's Dimsum Buoy after landin in Ctwn'66 n rest is history 💓
Kwoi Gin 是一位台山仔。他66‘ 年登陆在唐人街 后成为 Jean Lumb (林黃彩珍) 的 Dimsum Buoy (点心仔) 以后都成为历史💓

Brenda Joy Lem gardens, cooks, reads a lot of books, caregives + makes music and art.
Brenda Joy Lem 喜欢园艺、烹饪、阅读大量书籍、看护人 + 制作音乐和艺术。

Keith Lock is the first Chinese Canadian Filmmaker and is a descendent of one of the original 13 Chinese Families in Toronto.
骆奇光 是第一位加拿大华裔制片人,他是多伦多最初的 13 个华人家庭之一的后裔。

Morris Lum is an artist, photographer, educator living in Tkaronto/Toronto.
Morris Lum 是居住在多伦多的艺术家、摄影师和教育家。

Maylynn Quan is a Tkaronto/Toronto based photographer from Trinidad & Tobago and the director of Kids Canada.
Maylynn Quan 是来自特立尼达和多巴哥的多伦多摄影师,也是加拿大儿童组织的总监。

Amy Shuang Wang is a first generation Chinese immigrant who lives, works and studies Kung Fu in Spadina Chinatown.
王爽 (Amy) 是第一代加拿大华裔,在唐人街生活、工作和学习功夫。

Rick Wong
is a retired architect, now a cycling and Kung Fu instructor.
Rick Wong 是一位退休的建筑师,现在是一名自行车和功夫教练。

Sandy Yep is a 4gen Mtl resto-boy from SunWei. Educator, trail runner & social justice advocate - he loves Tkaronto.
Sandy Yep 是来自 广东新会区的第四代华裔,出生于满地可从事厨师行业的男孩。教育家、越野跑者和社会正义倡导者 - 他喜欢多伦多。


Shellie Zhang is an artist living in Tkaronto/Toronto.

Additional Thanks 额外的感谢

Abdi Osman, Alexandra Gelis, Ali Kazimi, Almerinda Travassos, Angelo Pedari, Anne Murphy, Aparna Sundar, Arlene Ngan, Arezu Salamzadeh, Chris Chong Chan Fui, Dania Majid, Himani Bannerji, Immony Mèn, Jesook Song, Jonathan Moneta, Jorge Lozano, Joshua Vettivelu, Kajri Jain, Kathy Wazana, Laís Barboza, Lisa Yoneyama, Mike Adia, Mohammad Rezaei, Mohamed Khaki, Monika Kin Gagnon, Nedra Rodrigo, Ngan Ching Woo, Ng Saik Teen, Polina Teif, Radhika Mongia, Robert Diaz, Sadhu Binning, Santbir Singh, Serene Husni, Raquel Da Silva, Takashi Fujitani, Vinh Nguyen, Rui Pires, Yong Dong Liang & James Wang, Lucia Huang, Wendy Yang, Tamara Sabarini, Brenda Morse, Beryl Tsang, Shulan Tien, Maggie Qu, Helen Chan, Henry Lam, Rick Sin, Josh Godden and Karla Bobadilla

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