The Best!
(唐人街, 最好的)
Envisioning Chinatown's Future

About the Project

For the project, “Chinatown, the Best!”, we asked seniors in the Chinatown area to envision what would make Chinatown a great place to live, a place of communion.  What kind of amenities, services, cultural events would they like to see?  Spending time with seniors at community centres in weekly gatherings, we learned more of who they are, what they need/desire, what they would like to share of their skills and experiences.

对于 “唐人街,最好的” 这个项目,我们邀请唐人街地区的老年人设想什么会使唐人街成为一个宜居的地方,一个交流的地方。他们希望看到什么样的设施、服务、文化活动?在每周与社区中心的老年人共度时光的聚会中,我们将更多地了解他们是谁,他们需要/渴望什么,他们所希望分享的技能和经验是什么。

We also asked participating seniors to reflect on their best vision of themselves and invited them to be photographed. The resulting images are on display at various locations in Chinatown during Lunar New Year 2022.

我们也请参与的前辈反思他们对自己的最佳看法,并邀请他们拍照. 由此产生的图像在2022 新年期间在唐人街的各个地点展出。

The premise behind “Tong Yan Gai, Jeui Ho!” (Chinatown, the best), is that Toronto’s best Chinatown is not in the past, but in front of us, we are making it, through our collective vision, spirit and action.

“唐人街,最好的!” 的前提是多伦多最好的唐人街不是过去,而是在我们面前,我们正在通过我们的集体愿景、精神和行动创造它。

Activation Sites

1. Sanderson Library (327 Bathurst St.) 
2. Scadding Court (707 Dundas St. W) 
3. Whippersnapper Gallery (594 Dundas St. W)
4. Hong Luck Kung Fu Club (548 Dundas St. W)
5. Minh Ngoc, Saigon Video, Former Saigon Optical
(315C, 315G and 325A Spadina Ave) 
6. New Hong Fatt BBQ (443 Dundas St. W)
7. Former TD Bank (413 Dundas St. W) 
8. University Settlement House (23 Grange Rd) 

Installation Documentation

Envisioning Prompts

With our first project “Long Time No See” we asked folks to submit photos of themselves in places in Chinatown that meant something to them and to share why.  We received many heartfelt stories and were moved by how much Chinatown inhabits our minds and hearts.  For some of us, we need Chinatown for work, to find affordable food or for a sense of belonging, for some of us, Chinatown is a place we rarely visit but has deep meaning for us, in our family and collective memories.


For the project “Tong Yan Gai, Jeui Ho!” (Chinatown, the best), we have shifted our focus to seniors in the Chinatown area, asking:

对于“唐人街,最好的!”这个项目, 我们转向唐人街地区的老年人, 来问:

Close your eyes ... What do you see? Who is there? What are they doing? What can you smell in your Chinatown?  What do you hear?


Chinatowns across North America are struggling to survive.  In Montreal Chinatown, the loss of heritage buildings leaves gaping holes in the street fabric.  An article titled, “Investigation:  Is Vancouver’s Chinatown Dying?“ cites,


“Vacancy rates in Chinatown increased 23.7 per cent since the pandemic, … you get to a point where vacant stores overshadow the active storefronts of retail…and then you get into a position where it’s hard to recover back into a lively street front, and bring people into Chinatown, bring the seniors back into Chinatown.”

“自大流行以来,唐人街的空置率增加了 23.7%,......此况已到了一个空置的商店给活跃的零售店面蒙上了阴影......已回复不到以前人们进入唐人街的活力以及把老年人带回唐人街的地步。”

How will we bring people back into Toronto Chinatown, keep the streets safe and inviting for seniors?


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